Azuron Suishou in "To Break Away" also known as Sara Avalon in "The Shaman Fight" is the same OC character for both series, though with different names. Her birthday is 8/14/85 in TBA and 8/14/86 in TSF.


Suishou/Sara has short brown hair, just brushing her shoulders, and brown eyes. She is usually teased for not having a feminine body despite her age, and is the same height as Elen at 5'1".


Everyday Clothes

In both series, her outfits are pretty much the same. A simple white tank top with baggy blue jeans and orange converses. When cold and when traveling through America in TBA, she has a brown cardigan, and a small gold cross necklace in the hollow of her neck.

Battle clothes

In TBA, Suishous' battle out fit consists of white shorts, white tank top with dirty white sneakers on which she reluctantly put "Hao" on them. She has a brown beaded belt around her shorts, and her sword is on her right hip. This does not change.

School Clothes

In TSF, Sara goes to Shinra. She wears the standard girls dress shirt and bow, but wears the boys slack pants.
In "TBA", she goes to a Catholic school. The uniform consists of a white dress-shirt with a rounded collar, and a gold tie. The uniforn has a white short jacket with the Virgin Mary on her left breast pocket, her arms wide and accepting, with a golden cross over-lapping her. She had a white knee-length skirt with white mary-janes and short white socks.


Suishou/Sara is a tomboy. She like sports and getting doe and dirty, and doesn't care for feminine things. She's pretty insecure about it though, and thinks that maybe trying to be more like a girl isn't so bad. Suishou/Sara gets worked up a lot, and can cry easily. She can also be a hot-head and rash character, and is terrible with trying to take care of others, but can break up fights between her friends. She's also got the "curiosity killed the cat" aspect of her. She is, as well, fiercely loyal to Elen, and is considered the perfect Catholic.